Heather said...

Hi Carianne!

I know you specialize in photographing babies, but I wondered if you would consider doing an outdoor family session in the fall, winter, or spring? Laura Weaver said you were amazing so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask! We are located in Cary and I have 3 kids, ages 8,10, and 11.

Finger crossed! :)

Heather Mjaanes

Anonymous said...

Hi Carianne,

My husband and I are looking into a newborn photo session. We are currently looking around and comparing prices but my best friend just had a shoot with you and praised your work. She was extremely happy. I've also looked through some of your photos as well We are due March 3, 2016. I've heard it's good to start looking now so I wondered what kind of openings you have next year around that time.

Thanks so much.
Jen McGuire

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrianne!

So my husband and I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing out newborns photos. You did our Lilly’s whole first year and would love to do the same with the this little one! We aren’t finding out the sex till the birth but I’m due August 15th. I know how you book up so I hope I’m not too late!

Jenn Barrer

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrianne,

I'm interested in booking an outdoor session for our family of 6. I've seen my hair colorist Jen's family pictures you took and I think they're simply amazing!! The ages of our kids are 16,15,13,11. Hoping to get Xmas cards made too. Thanks so much for your consideration!

Nancy Reineking

Katelyn Hanna said...

I was interested in a newborn session. I'm due in March. Do you have availability and also are the images given to us and then we can print them out wherever we'd like? We also would like some pictures as a family and baby with 3 older sisters. Is this something you'd do?

Thank you!

Cherish Cook said...

Hi Carrianne,
We are interested in a newborn session. I'm due September 25th 2017. Do you have availability around this time? How soon after birth do you typically schedule newborn sessions? My friend Kari Breese recommended you and we are so impressed with the quality of photos you have taken for them. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

Cherish Eberly

Michelle Piekarz said...

Hi Carrianne,
You used to take pics of my 2 girls. I know you specialize in baby to 1 year old but, wondering if you would be willing to take their pics this year?


Shelly Piekarz

Veena said...

Hi Carianne,
We are interested in a newborn session. I am due end of Feb. do have any availability during this time? My chiropractor Amanda solano highly recommended you and asked me to contact you. Please let me know.
Veena Upadhya

Anonymous said...

Hi Carianne,
We are interested in a newborn session. I’m due at the end of June. Do you have any availability? I know the summer months can be busy and wanted to get this on the calendar now, if possible! Looking forward to speaking with you.

Thank You,